What Our Delegates Say!
Here are some testimonials about Youth Ambassadors and our events by our fellow delegates!

Asia Math & Engineering Challenge 2015

Hi my name is Ritchelle and I’m from Laos. My students are all here to join the AMEC and the students are all happy because not only that they learn a lot from programming but they were also able to experience it by programming robotics itself. They were very happy and they were able to meet a lot of people and the organisers are very approachable and very fun to be with. So we’re hoping to be back here next year and to meet lots more people and to learn more.” – Ritchelle, Laos Teacher @ Asia Math & Engineering Competition 2015. My name is Alan from Sengdara International Bilingual School. We feel very happy that our school was one of the participant in this event. And we really enjoyed. I think that this is good for them. It is part of their experience and it inspires them to do more. Thank you! – Alan, Laos, a teacher from Sengdara International Bilingual School. My name is Anousak Jung from Sengdara. In this program, it teaches us how to use the program from the robot a lot. I love this event, this event was very good. And I’m very happy that Im the Laos people who got the first place in AMEC. Thank you! – Anousak Jung from Laos, Sengdara International Bilingual School. Ritchell


Asian Student Leadership Conference 2015

I’m seventeen years old. I’m from Vietnam. I am the Winner for the ASLC competition. And I really love this camp because this is wonderful opportunity for me to make new friends from all over Asia. I also learnt a lot of Leadership Skills through activities such as high low rope courses, treasure hunt and a lot of other amazing activities. Thank you. – Tran Tu Anh from IDC education, Vietnam. Aslc has been an amazing eperience for me and for many of the leaders from their own perspective country, it ties the bonds between many and surely it educates and inspires us from every different angle, especially during the camp fire. I loved the activities chosen by you guys and i hope that this will surely be an on going thing. Thanks! – Matthew Chen from International School Brunei (ISB), Brunei.

I’m lucky to have the opportunity to attend ASLC. Geena Roslyna

St George's School, Brunei

The conference was good and I really like the fact that the speakers were really inspirational. They were able to motivate me and they taught me more about things that I know and the ones that I don’t. Thiri Pyae Sone @ Jasmine

Ayeyarwaddy International School, Myanmar

I love ASLC 2015! Thank you for everything! Erissa Sarah Binti Che Ramli

SMK Tansau Sabah, Malaysia

I love the whole entire ASLC conference 2015. It was a great experience for me, and I got motivated in the inspiring speeches. Cassandra Jacklya Binti Dakius

St George's School, Brunei

I like the most about the conference is how the speaker share about their past life and how they become successful by sharing knowledge to other people or students. Long Pichsophea

Western International School, Cambodia

I enjoy to be in ASLC very much.  I want to have 2nd chance to be in ASLC again in the next year. Yoeurn Puthea

Western International School, Cambodia