Science Technology Innovation Creativity "K"onference (STICK) Summar Camp 2018

Dates: 3rd to 15th July 2018

“Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity”

– Tim Minchin

STICK Summer Camp is a 2 weeks English Summer Camp in collaboration with STICK 2018. It will be held in Malaysia and Singapore. Participants will engage in hands-on science related activities that will boost their creativity and at the same time, improve on their spoken English. We have prepared a variety of science modules that includes Forensic Science, Cool Chemistry, Aerodynamics and Fun Science. These modules will be supplemented by various site visits as well. In addition, participants will enjoy authentic Malaysian cuisine and gain more knowledge about the culture as well. Following that, participants will transfer to Singapore where STICK is held annually.

*Itinerary that is stated in brochure is tentative and subject to improvement.

STICK 2017 Photos