Science Technology Innovation Creativity "K"onference (STICK) 2015

Full of Experiment!

Learn Science in Fun way!

Understand the importance of technology to improve the life of everyone!

STICK’s primary aim is for students to understand that science is present in our everyday life and that “Science is Fun”.  The programme is designed with plentiful experiential activities for students to enjoy, appreciate and understand science and technology. Students will experiment on topics such as aerodynamics (through aeroplane design), mechanics (via “Extend-a-stick” and bridge construction design), rocket science, etc.  These engineering challenges are conducted by our professional partner and participants will work in team with members from diverse countries. Through these activities, we hope that students will better appreciate and be intrigued by the world of Science.

Day 1  (19 Aug)
PM Arrival

Arrival at Singapore

Check-in to respective accommodation


Teambuilding & Icebreaking games to get participants from different countries to know each other

Dinner & Free and easy

Day 2  (20 Aug)
AM Workshop @ NUS

Mission of the Day:

Aerodynamics: Designing a perfect airplane

Extend-a-stick: Building the longest free-standing stick balancing a marble

Rocket Science: Building a bridge

PM Educational Trip @ Singapore Science Centre
Day 3  (21 Aug)
Full Day Workshop @ NUS

Rotating Stations:

  • Energy
  • Tower
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing


Day 4  (22 Aug)
AM Participants’ Presentations @ NUS

Final preparation of presentations

Presentation & judging

Prize-presentation ceremony & Photo-taking

PM Educational Trip @ Marina Bay

Learning journey: ·

  • ArtScience Museum
  • Marina Barrage

Free and easy

Day 5  (23 Aug)
AM Departure

Check-out of accommodation

Departure from Singapore

Photo Gallery : STICK 2015

STICK is an annual youth conference that brings together aspiring participants who are keen in understanding the importance of science and technology. This year, we are delighted that schools from three different countries join the conference. Students' presentations based on the theme 'one world' are also very creative. Here are some of the highlights of STICK' 2015.