Parent FAQ


What are some steps you have taken to ensure my child stays safe?


      • For each accommodation and bus, there will be at least one tour leader at all times. Participants are also not to leave the venues/accommodation without informing a tour leader (and school teacher) beforehand.
      • Our venues and accommodations are all located near 24 clinics or hospitals in case of any medical emergencies


Will the night tour require extra money?


      • No, the night tour is included in the pricing.


Do the children need to bring any money?


      • No, but they can bring about $50 if they want to buy anything. For more information on prices, you can refer to our Handy Hints & Tips


My child has special dietary requirements, can special arrangements be made?


      • All our caterers are halal-certified. We can also make arrangements if your child:
        • Cannot consume beef
        • Cannot consume pork
        • Requires a vegetarian meal
      • Should your child have any dietary requirements that are not listed above, you can still indicate it in the consent form and we will try to accommodate you. Alternatively, you can also pack food for your child to be had over the conference.


Is there time for shopping?


      • While there is no specific time allocated for shopping, your child can do so provided that both the tour leader (and teacher-in-charge) allow for it. Due to safety issues, we would not advise that your child leave the accommodation to shop after 10pm.


Will the children get the chance to interact with children from other countries?


      • Yes, we take steps to ensure that your child will get the opportunity to meet and work with children from as many countries as possible during the various activities.


Will the children be separated by gender in the accommodation?


      • Yes, we have separate rooms for males and females.


Can my child still sign up if I’m not signing up with a travel agent or school?



Will my child get to contact me during the conference?


      • While your child is allowed to contact you, we strongly advise them to do so only during their breaks or after the day’s activities have ended.
      • For purchase of sim cards, we would strongly advise your child to purchase it at the airport as there is no guarantee that there are sim card retailers near the activity venues/accommodations.
      • Please note that we are not responsible however for any expenses you or your child may incur during these exchanges.


Is the price of the conference inclusive of the airfare?


    • Prices are not inclusive of airfare EXCEPT if you are paying the summer camp price for AMEC, STICK and ASLC, and provide the full payment 30 days before the summer camp start date. Thereafter, there will be a surcharge of 100-300 USD due to airfare increase.
    • For more information, please refer to our pricing charts for each conference.
    • Please note that our prices also do not include:
      • Visa fee (if required)
      • Meals not listed in the itinerary
      • Items not listed in the itinerary
      • Government tax & VAT