Handy Hints & Tips

Youth Ambassadors Singapore presents to you our very own handy hints & tips! You might just need these essential hints and tips while and before you travel to one of the finest city in the world – Singapore. We will introduce and guide you through the basic needs that you might need. *All monetary value are in SGD currency This travel guide will include:

  • Transport
  • Language
  • Money
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Security


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Train typically runs from 5:30am to 12am.
Standard tickets vary from $1:10 to $2.60.
SMRT Hotline:
6331 1000
(The image below is Singapore’s MRT map)
Bus Fares:
Fares start from as low as $0.65 to $1.30. Try to have the exact fare as bus drivers do not give change.
Over 26,000 air-conditioned cabs ply local roads and provide comfortable, hassle-free travel at a very reasonable cost. They can be flagged down 24 hours a day on most roads, with well-marked taxi-stands available outside most major shopping centres and hotels. At Singapore Changi Airport, the taxi stand is located in the Arrival Hall on Terminals 1, 2, 3 and Budget Terminal.
Regular taxi fares starts at $3.
All taxis are metered. Fares must be charged according to the taximeter, plus applicable surcharges.
It is usually more difficult to flag down a taxi during the peak hours, so take note of it!
Peak hours (Surcharges are 25% of meter fare): 
Monday to Friday – 6am to 9:30am
Monday to Sunday $ Public Holidays -6pm onwards
Advance Booking Phone Numbers
Dial-A-Cab +65 6342 5222
Comfort Taxi +65 6552 1111
Comfort Premier Cabs +65 6552 2828
SMRT Taxis +65 6555 8888
Smart Cab +65 6485 7777
TransCab +65 6555 3333
Premier Taxis +65 6363 6888
Prime Taxi +65 6778 0808
Yellow-Top Taxi +65 6293 5545


English is the spoken language, though Singlish –  a collection of colloquial catch phrases and lingo – dominates the everyday conversations amongst the locals. Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, and various dialects are also used.

Here is a guide by Aussie Pete on Singlish Langauge.

It’s alright if you can’t speak them fluently, you just to know what they mean!


How much money do you really need to spend in Singapore? Sure, you may have heard that Singapore is one of the most expensive city in the world. But rest assure, Youth Ambassadors will guide you and make sure that you do not have too little or too much money in your pocket.
However, we will only guide you with the cost of daily essentials in Singapore. You might have to bring more if you like to satisfy your secondary needs. Thus, let’s talk about the purchasing basic needs! (Food, water, transport & etc..)
A 500ml bottle of water can cost from $0.45 to $2 depending on the location. NTUC, Cold’s storage, Giant and other supermarkets usually sell them at $0.45 while restuarants and Food & Beverage stalls sell them at$1 and above.
As for drinks, they usually cost about $1.50 in food centres and up to $3 in restaurants.
The prices of food in hawker centres and coffee shops in Singapore vary from $3 to $6 per meal.
chicken_rice Bento
$3.50 – Chicken Rice $6 – Japanese Bento Set
Whereas Food & Beverage(F&B) in restaurant and outlets can cost up to $10 to $30 per meal depend on the quality of the restaurant.
Nevertheless, click here to find out & discover what are Singapore’s popular dishes to try while you’re here!

Safe Drinking Water


Water in Singapore are passes World Health Organisation standards, which means that you can drink directly from the tap and shower! Thus, clean water is very accessible in every corner of Singapore. You can also find out more about the Singapore’s Quality Water Treatment with our PUB – Public Utility Board’s NEWater.



(image by: http://www.mindef.gov.sg)

Singapore is an extremely safe and clean city. You can travel to any parts of Singapore alone anytime of the year, regardless of gender. However, do keep a lookout for foreigners in Singapore, the locals are safe.

Rest assure while taking the taxi as taxi drivers are honest.  The law is very harsh on them if there is a complaint against them.  All cab drivers must be above 30 years old with no criminal records and must be married.  All speak English and their own ethnic language ie. Chinese, Malay or Tamil. You can get onto a taxi and sleep and be assured you will always reach your destination safely.

The Singapore government has also stepped up security measures following the terrorist attacks in Bali, and remain very committed to maintaining Singapore’s reputation as a safe destination for travelers.

Although Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, please exercise caution and protection against your personal belongings. There are cases where people left their belongings (bags etc) and went for a swim (Sentosa) and later found their belongings missing. There have also been incidents of foreign pickpocket syndicates being caught in Singapore. They pickpocket in busy town areas and then go back to their countries.

Have someone to look after the belongings while you are away. Use lockers if they are available. Or ask friendly people to look after your belongings (at your own risk! they might be foreigners or dishonest Singaporeans too). Zip your handbag etc. Do not expose wallets or make belongings ‘pickpocket-friendly’. These crimes are rather insignificant but its always good to be on your alert.

There’s also cases where motorbikes passenger/driver will snatch bags etc from pedestrians  walking by the side of the road. I disagree with this statement.  These cases do happen in Malaysia and not in Singapore.

Overall, Singapore is very safe compared to other parts of the world.  This is especially so because there is the death penalty for murder cases and drug (heroine etc) trafficking/consumption.

In spite of all of this enforcement remember: a Low Crime Rate does not mean No Crime.

(source: http://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Travel-g294265-s206/Singapore)