Asian Student Leadership Conference (ASLC 2017)

Date: 26-30 July 2017

“All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership.”

— John Kenneth Galbraith


ASLC is an annual conference in which students from all Asia get together to learn the importance of being a leader and to be inspired to be a change makers of their communities.

This amazing conference is brought by Youth Ambassadors (YA), a social enterprise established for empowering youths with the objective to make them realize that everyone has this ability to become a leader by having courage, compassion, wisdom, and energy.

Youth Ambassadors (YA) believe in those 4 words because we have faith that every human is able to move towards their dreams.  Everyone is potential leader in his/her own field, as long as they have courage, compassion, wisdom and energy to never give up.

ASLC activities include inspirational speeches by experience “change makers”, team bonding activities, workshops and group discussion, outdoor activities where student will have the opportunity to explore different areas of leadership as well as giving them the chance to meet speakers who are making a difference in their society.

DAY 1   26 July 2017 (Mon)
Time Programme
PM Arrival to Singapore
Transfer to respective accommodations
Check-in accommodation
Transfer to respective venue
Ice Breaking Games
Return back to accommodations
DAY 2  27 July 2017  (Tue)
AM Breakfast
Transfer to respective venues
Students are divided into groups and attend one of the following:

a)       High and Low Rope Courses

b)      Teambuilding

Lunch and transfer
PM Opening Ceremony
Project Orientation
Dinner and transfer
Return back to respective accommodation


DAY 3   28 July 2017  (Wed)
AM Breakfast
Transfer to Workshop venues
Students are divided into groups and attend one of the following:

a)       High and Low Rope Courses

b)      Teambuilding

Transfer to venue for lunch
PM Social Enterprise and leadership Workshop / Group discussion
Return back to accommodation
Project work
DAY 4   29 July 2017  (Fri)
AM Breakfast
Transfer to Workshop venue
TLC Leadership Challenge
Transfer to lunch venue
PM Fine tuning of business model and project presentation (with guidance and help from mentors)
Prize presentation & competition
Party Night
End of the conference party celebration
Return to respective accommodation
DAY 5  30 July 2017  (Sat)
AM Breakfast
  Checkout from accommodation & transfer to airport

* Itinerary is tentative and subject to change.


Photo Gallery : ASLC 2015 and ASLC 2016