Asia Math Engineering Challenge (AMEC) Summer Camp 2018

Date: 27th May to 9th June 2018

AMEC Summer Camp is a 2 weeks English Summer Camp in collaboration with AMEC 2018. It will be held in Malaysia and Singapore. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their written and spoken English through fun activities/games during the English Lessons. English Lessons might be focused on different aspects such as presentation skills, debating skills or public speaking skills. They will also attend various workshops including coding. In addition, they will experience a 1 day school exchange with a local school as well as a University Visit. Apart from that, participants will enjoy authentic Malaysian cuisine and gain more knowledge of the culture as well. Following that, participants will transfer to Singapore where the Conference – AMEC is held annually.

*Itinerary that is stated in brochure is tentative and subject to improvement.

Asia Math Engineering Challenge (AMEC) 2017 Photos