Core Members

Adrian Soo

Adrian joined Transinex Pte Ltd, a student-oriented travel agency, in 1999 and has played a pivotal role in its expansion into the Asian region. Through his numerous trips in ASEAN, he saw the need to address the social-economical divide and the importance of education to alleviate poverty in these areas. Youth Ambassadors (YA) is the brainchild of Adrian, and he is instrumental in the conceptualization and creation of numerous ideas for the various events and programmes in YA. His working philosophy is “creating a better society through the empowerment of the youths”.

Tomoko Ikari Yap

Tomoko is an experienced management consultant specializing in assisting Japanese corporations expand their business into regional countries. She had previously worked in an educational travel agency in Japan, focusing in the development of Asian immersion programmes for Japanese students. Having been educated in an international environment in Japan where majority of the students are overseas returnees, she has developed a strong passion on promoting cross-cultural education. Tomoko has been living in Singapore for the past 22 years and has became a permanent resident since 1997. She decided to join YA after being inspired and touched by our participants during one of the conferences.

Andrew Davey

Youth have the power to be the change in the world today! No matter who they are, where they are in the world, when given the right tools and education to succeed in life, they can make a difference in not only their family and community but have the potential to make an impact in the

World. Since 2009, Andrew Davey has been on a mission to support our youth to be all they can be. Originally from Australia, now residing in Singapore, he speaks at events throughout the world, coaches and mentors youth one on one internationally as he truly believes in the power of our youth and works alongside them to open them to the world of possibilities to help them succeed in the 21st Century. Today, alongside SG Youth Ambassadors, his desire is to support them through a journey of discovery where alongside other change makers from all over the ASEAN region, their ideas formulated to help them see their true potential. To find out more about Andrew Davey and how he can support youth to become a global citizen simply go to

Marc Ee

Marc is an avid adventure person who believes that the outdoors is the ‘other classroom’. It is where the lessons taught is beyond any syllabus known and the learning, which is in the doing itself, brings a sense of reality to understanding – raw and real! Marc and his team have conducted many programmes with students from Singapore, Malaysia and the International Schools at the various locations around Malaysia and the Asian region over the past 15 years as they strive to put paid to the old adage – Thinking out of the box! to There is NO box! Marc is an energetic and enthusiastic individual. He inspires others with his positive attitude towards life and he strongly believes that by recognizing and accepting our weaknesses / limitations, only then can we strengthen our self-confidence and achieve success.He is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Practitioner in Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy, DISC Behavioral Consultant, Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) Certified Trainer and Curriculum Developer and a Life Coach. He has designed and conducted various programmes integrating the different school of thoughts such as The Leadership Challenge, Youth Leadership, Young Entrepreneur Project and many others.